The grin that placated her face was nothing short of fearsome. Her tiny hand grabbed mines to pull me into the dark corner from which she came. The closer we got to it, the colder the room grew. If I was terrified before then I’m uncertain what to call myself now as I find myself standing in the middle of the woods with a dead little girl next to me. I was on the verge of a panic attack but the small dead hand that was holding mines tugged at me for attention.

Let’s play! It exclaimed. I had no idea where I was or how I had gotten here. There was snow on the ground and it was dark. The only light was slithers of the moon creeping between the branches of dead trees surrounding me. It was dead silent.

“Where am I?” I ask the girl.

Her confused face stared up at mines as she said, my home silly. Then she proceeded to lead me on a broken trail a few feet away. Uncertain as to what is happening I continued to follow the dead child. She led me to the front of a rundown cabin. The wood looked fragile and degraded. There was a faint light coming from inside as the sound of a drill was echoing through the night.

It took me a minute to realize that we were standing still. Her hand seemed to grip mine tighter as she stared at the light shining from inside. It was almost as if she were scared. It shouldn’t have intrigued me. I should have been running away to find a way home even though I’m certain I’m not in the land of the living anymore. Everything here was too cold, too dark and too rotted.

“What’s wrong?” I whisper to it. She looks up at me with those sullen sunken eyes. She was about to speak until we heard the drilling stop. The footsteps were heard were heavy and quick. The louder they got the more terrified she and I grew.

The front door of the rotted cabin splintered open with a loud thud. What I saw next damn near made my soul escape my body. A large man in a white lab coat stood in front of the door with a drill in his hand. Not just any kind of drill, but the one’s you’d find at a dentist’s office. Blood splatters decorated his coat and gloves while small critters fell from the rotted parts of his body. The scariest thing was his smile. It was perfect and white just like the little girl’s in the pale blue dress.

It’s time for your check up dear! It yelled at the little girl. She squealed before taking off in a full sprint towards the woods and I quickly fell in line behind her. Loud thuds against the ground behind us were closing in fast. Small sobs from the girl wafted behind her as she ran ahead of me to an unknown destination. It took me a moment to realize that we were back where we appeared. In one swift movement I was thrown back into my apartment. I immediately looked back into the dark corner to see if she was behind me.

Before the dark corner resorted back to a regular part of my apartment, the last image I saw was the black tears staining the little girls face as the man grabbed her by the neck and dragged her away. Her thin lips spoke only two words, help me. Then she was gone.


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