Bloodied and blistered are my feet walking a path of

stone, glass, and hot coals.

Wondering when a straight and narrow path turned

worst for the trek towards my goals.


Twists and turns lead to a forever path

of confusion, sorrow, and pain.

Lost. I’m no longer confident in

the things I want to gain.


Always was one good with directions

and was certain of her way.

Til the wrong turn at a fork in the road

led me astray.


Obstacles were always easy to overcome,

except this one. I’m lost.

Now I have no confidence in defeating

any impediment I cross.


Gazes towards the sky hoping He

would answer my cry for help.

In the end there is no answer.

I’ll have to find a way myself.


Demons of self ridicule, doubt, and hate

ride my back.

On this journey to finding the right path,

I’m always under attack.


Still beaten and bloodied

I move forward to an unforeseen goal.

Hoping that these hardships and

demons aren’t consuming my soul.