Later the next night everything was back in its place. I bought some sage from a Whole Foods to burn. I read online somewhere that it cleanses your place of spirits; however, I did not read instructions on how it’s to be used. I might regret not looking more into how to use the sage, but I have to try something. Small red embers and thick smoke wafted from the burning sage stick as I waved it through the rooms of my apartment.

Time has passed since I’ve fallen asleep. The clock emitting bright numbers from the side of my bed warns me of how late it’s gotten. Usually she would have shown up by now. Maybe the sage worked after all. My feet touch the soft carpet as I stand to go get a glass of water. I’ve never known carpet to feel ice cold. It feels as if I was walking around outside in slush from snow that has begun to melt. I confirmed that I was indeed walking on carpet at a glance down, but the more chilling part was that I saw my breath as I exhaled. It’s the middle of the summer and I don’t have any AC.

Play with me, says a little voice in the corner of my bedroom. The little girl with the pale blue dress stood there in the corner staring at me with those haunting eyes and perfect grin. The sage didn’t work. The quickened beat of my heart echoes through my head as the palms of my hands grew wet from nervousness. Play with me, she says again with that little grin on her face.

I couldn’t move, only stare at her as she moved her way slowly towards me. Wisps of her thin blonde hair swirled around hair with every step. Maggots from the wounds infesting her rotten body fell to the ground and slithered away. Play with me, she says. This time the grin was removed from her face and replaced with a scowl. Through the terror and freezing cold temperature I was able to reply.

“What are you? Please, leave me alone,” I say in a trembling tone.

She lay her head to the as if confused about my question; yet, she doesn’t answer. She only stares at me. Some time passes before I realized that she won’t go. My brain and body weren’t on the same accord. I desperately wanted to run and leave, but my body wouldn’t comprehend the signals my brain was relaying. Frozen, I continue to stare at her, at it. She drew closer and closer till I felt the bugs oozing from her skin fall upon my feet. One small frail dead hand touched my leg and that’s when I realized she was truly real. There were no words that could describe the scream that escaped my lips.

Her cold palm seared my flesh as it made its way up my leg. A couple of cockroaches scurried down as she eased in to hug me. Play with me, she says. I almost wet myself as she looks up at my with this innocent face. Unsure of what to do, I say, “Ok. Let’s play.”


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