With the lack of sleep, it was pretty hard to get through the couple of surgeries I had today. Abortion is a simple process, but there are a lot of risks involved. Taking my time worked in my favor, and I only encountered a minor setback. My last client only wanted to take the pills after going over the differences between the surgery and the pills. There was a case in the past with one of my patients after taking the pills. She died from blood loss several days after, and the lawsuit filed by the husband left me with second thoughts. Everyone reacts differently to the procedures.

I walk up concrete steps to my burgundy door, and hesitate entering my home. The last couple of night has me wondering if I should pack and stay at a hotel for a couple of days. Or maybe I should give my friend Joanne a call; she’s a psychiatrist that works for the Finland Asylum. With reluctance I enter and take a look around. No one is here. It’s getting a bit late into the evening, so going to bed now is my only option. Hopefully a bit of rest will help.

Hot steam enters the air around the red coffee mug it’s exiting from. The subtle aroma of chamomile surrounds me with every sip I take, helping me relax. I lie back against the headboard, and continue fumbling with my phone. After a few minutes of completing my tea, I toss the covers over me and fall into a deep sleep.

Thump thump thump. I wake suddenly as the sounds from the other night are made against my closed bedroom door. Too afraid to move, without a blink I stare at the door wondering if something will come in. Thump thump thump. Over and over again the sound is made. There was no telling how much time had passed, but suddenly the noise stopped. The air became cold and crisp, and that’s when it happened; Movement at the end of my bed. It felt as if something was pulling on the comforter.

“Hello?” I say.

There was no reply, but the tugging increased. It felt as if something was climbing up the covers. I am now sitting straight up in bed, still under the covers with my legs against my chest. Time seemed to stop after a grayish hand of an infant makes way into my view. Then another hand creeps up and pulls the rest of the body. Skin as gray as a stormy cloud is ridden with holes and rotted flesh. An eye is missing from the right socket, and maggots seem to seep from every orifice.

“Mama,” it says as it crawls closer.

You can see stitches on the limbs and skull of the dead baby, and with every gut wrenching wail that comes from its mouth, bugs seem to fall out.

“Why mama?”

A scream is caught in my throat, and it’s so cold in the room that I seem to be frozen in this spot. Maybe I am frozen in time. The closer it gets, the closer I feel death creeping in. Why is this happening to me? I don’t even dream. Is this real?

“Why mama? Why didn’t you want me?”

Again I do not answer it. If I answer, then I acknowledge that this is real and happening to me. It then pauses, and turns its head slightly as if waiting for a reply. Then it starts wailing, and then the wails turn into screams. Crescendo shrieks of horror echo throughout the room as it starts moving towards my quickly. Suddenly it leaps towards me, and lands on my chest. It is only then I am able to move and fight off the small dead claws of the dead. It opens its mouth again to let out another shriek then scratch my neck.

Blood seeps from the wound and I finally kick the demon child off of me. It crawls quickly into the corner sealing on the opposite side of the room. Upside down is its body, but the head still faces me. With one last shriek it disappears, and you hear the faint question, “Why did you kill us?”


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