Silence and floating dust particles are all that I have to come home to. Taupe colored walls with various works of art are displayed, and surrounded by chocolate leather sofas and sage green curtains of the living room of my Victorian style home. With the clicking of my pumps along the hardwood floors, I make my way into the kitchen. Events of last night play into my mind, and the hope of getting some actual sleep tonight resonates. I pull out my nightly meal of Lean Cuisine and place it into the microwave. While lasagna is defrosting, I open my briefcase to go over some of the patients I see tomorrow. At least three surgeries are scheduled, and one case needed pills. Seems like a full day ahead tomorrow, I think to myself. Should get a head start on sleep and call it an early night.

In the bathroom upstairs, you can feel the sereneness of the air as the smells of lavender and jasmine fills you. A hand filled with lavender water swipes across porcelain skin, leaving droplets to fall down every milky curve. Head tilted back, eyes closed, and then I drift off from the relaxation. Drip dripping of the leaking faucet, the soft swirls of moving water, and the careful breaths put’s me into a trance.

“Ow!” A sharp pain hits my lower stomach and continues to throb. I put one hand over the area and massage. After a few minutes of the circular motion, the pain subsides slowly until I notice thin ribbons of red snake its way through the water.

“What the hell…” I say. The pain strikes again, but this time it’s not alone.

Screams turn into low gargled moans as it feels like something is pulling me under trying to drown me in a pool of my own blood. The thick metallic liquid enters my lungs as I struggle against the force taking me under. Flailing legs and arms sends crimson fluid to shoot out and splatter against the white walls. Just as my body starts convulsing from the lack of air, I am let go. Rushing out of the tub and gasping for air, I look back to see the assailant. Nothing, no one is there.

After finally catching my breath, I stand to find water splayed about all over the bathroom. There is no blood, no pain, and no one trying to kill me. With a look to the left, you see ginger hair slicked back against alabaster flesh and wide green gemstone eyes. Only me stricken with fear and with one shake of my head I pull myself together. What is going on with me? Without bothering to clean up or let the water out, I walk to my bedroom and slip on a night gown. Sliding under the covers, I close my eyes, and that’s when I hear it. Thump thump. I turn to my alarm clock and see it is only 9:30pm. It continues without a pause for the rest of the night. Thump thump. Thump thump.

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