For many years I’ve had an obsession with death. Most people are concerned about what happens after you pass, but I am intrigued by the many ways people die. It took me a while to realize what triggered this in me, but I have it figured out. When I was younger, maybe around eight or nine of age, I witness the death of someone in front of my own eyes. Some would say I was traumatized, but for me it was just something new I had discovered.

I remember the day as if it happened today. The car I was in was a two door silver coup and I was squished in the back seat. My aunt and her friend, Al I think, were in the front talking about the ordeal I had just gone through with my mother. Tear stricken, I sat back and listened to them talk about how I’m doing. We were driving down Indiana street and coming up to Eden Greens neighborhood complex when it happened.

It was so sudden that my brain didn’t have time to react to what occurred. We were driving straight ahead until we saw a car swerving towards us head on. Before we could collide in the other car Al made a sharp right turn onto a side street. All I heard was a loud crash. In shock, I race out of the car with my aunt and her friend. Looks like we ended up in someone’s yard, but none of us were hurt. I thanked God for that.

Not everyone involved was fortunate enough. There were two other victims. One guy had jumped out of the car before it crashed into a pole. Al was checking to see if he was alive and ok while my aunt was crying and calling the police. Time seemed to slow as I approached the car that seemed cut in half from the pole it hit. The driver’s window was down and I looked at the guy in the seat. He was black with dreads and you could tell just from his eyes the pain he was in. Blood spewed from his mouth by the pints with little bubbles surfacing. I didn’t know this then, but that was a sign of internal bleeding.

I didn’t need the blood to tell me that. He had the car engine through his gut. There are no words to describe what I saw next. The light in his eyes slowly dimmed as I stared at him. I didn’t say anything or do anything other than stare and watch him die. The whole time he just stared back at me. After he passed my aunt shooed me away, and it was only till I was alone that I wept. I cried for many reason about that day, but the main reason was him.

After that my interest in the many ways and reason people die grew. I studied books from any library I could get to that carried different medical and horror books. It was until many years later down the line that I started researching online and watching shows about the many ways to die. Somehow it stemmed from how someone could die to the many ways the human race can become extinct. It’s odd, but I know I am not alone in my obsession. I just wonder if theirs were sparked in the same way mine was.


Image: Pulled from the web