Wind whistling between trees play a soft harmony as the pale moon dances in the night’s sky.

Amber light from street lamps creep their way through dust covered blinds.

Soft snores of peaceful sleep resonate throughout

this dark room.

While brown eyes facing the ceiling wonders why she cannot ease her mind.

Two bodies, one home. It is as empty as a tub with no water.

Yet sounds surround her in glorified hushed tones.

Moans of pipes and creaking floorboards create a

Symphony of music.

Ears are open and listening with delight until from downstairs she hears a groan.

Heavy footsteps reverberate on the wooden floors


In a swift motion she sits upright to turn and stare outside her bedroom door.

The thumping seems to continue, but she isn’t sure if it’s her beating heart.

Fear on the rise, she tries to maintain it no more than she can implore.

Wide eyed and frozen, she cannot move to

Wake her love.

Immobilized by terror as the steps increase in a patterned tune.

Unblinking with clenched fists, ready her for what may come into her line of sight.

For in her soul, she feels this night she will meet her doom.

She ceases to breathe as the haunting sounds of footsteps stop at the top of the stairs.

Her voice is stuck in her throat containing the scream she longs to release.

Appears a man with no face. Only two eye sockets of black holes, and a slit for a nose.

Grey bodied giant of over 6-foot presence offers the woman no peace.

Jingles from the wind chimes in the being’s hands

Play through the room.

Closer it comes towards her before she jumps under the covers to hide.

She closes her eyes with the chiming and snoring ringing in her ears.

Never knowing that she fell asleep by her lover’s side.

Rays from the sun shine, and chirps from the birds wake her from her slumber.

Sitting up, she realizes that she is alive and still in her bed.

She sighs her relief believing last night was

Just a nightmare.

Till she turns and look at her now eyeless lover laying

Next to her dead.